He kākano ki ngā mokopuna. He ngāhere ki ngā uri.

“A seed to our grandchildren. A forest to our descendants.”

Attracting the next generation of talent requires purposeful storytelling.


Not Business As Usual

We are living in a world where accelerated advances, climate emergency, and political and economic unease has shifted our workforce of the future to be critically conscious of purpose over profit.

It's now or never to take a stand and embed values into your communication.

With increases in electric car sales, solar panel installations and a demand for decentralisation, there are increasing infrastructure challenges that require creative people solutions.

Aotearoa is in a perfect position to tackle this future thinking. We were the third jurisdiction in the world to establish a wholesale electricity market in 1996. We’ve also had several major world firsts for the industry, such as half-hour market pricing and internet-based electricity trading.

The key to attracting creative problem solvers is creative and authentic storytelling. Storytelling that showcases your biggest asset: your people.

There are positive stories to share already. View one of them.

So, what is Transpower's workforce known for?

Transpower has a unique position in the market and a highly-skilled and diverse team.

There are opportunities to capture the wonderful stories that are currently already spread across the organisation.

Tap into this and role model the incredible diversity and inclusion examples you already have, so that others are inspired to join.

An Few Examples of our Stories


Connecting with a future workforce.

People stories paint an inspiring and genuine story about what it's like to be working towards a collective future and shared purpose. Watch an example of someone who loves what they do, and who's had an experience with Professional Learning and Development that's changed her perspective.


Demonstrating value-alignment.

Partnership stories paint a heartfelt story about what connection means in a professional context. Watch an example of two businesses that support each other to do great work.


Showcasing good role-models.

Action stories inspire us to go beyond what we think is possible. Watch as older students in Te Atatu Peninsula referee and run a Kī O Rahi tournament hosted between their sister primary schools.

Building the Transpower Talent Story

Let us ask ourselves why must we tell this story?

What’s the belief burning within us on which this story feeds? That’s the heart of Transpower's talent Story.

Every good story requires a sympathetic character, and we're convinced that we can find the right talent within your team.

Your Stewards on this Journey

Shadoe Stone
Creative Director and Founder of Five and Dime
Claire Mance
Stakeholder Engagement Support, Project Lead and General Manager at Five and Dime
Steve Unwin
Director of Film/Video - Ex-Head of Media Productions at Weta Workshop
More Information

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