Storytelling for people and organisations on a mission to build a better world.

Tell the stories that you are uniquely poised to tell, and make more impact when people discover your voice, buy from you, join your team and help you spread the word.

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Who we work with

We bring together the
greatest thinkers and makers on a mission to design a new world.

Ideas, people and groups who are inspired and driven to challenge the status quo, for the better. Public servants, ethical corporates, activists, politicians, dreamers and doers. five and dime is an agency and a collective - our team is surrounded by a talented network with a shared mission - to work on whakaaro (ideas) that deliver impact.

“Storytelling is like sculpting, you carve away to reveal something beautiful”

Why we practice story telling

Stories build trust.

As human beings, we tell ourselves stories to make sense of the world around us. These stories shape the way we live, what we buy and how we vote. With the way our world is shifting, it’s more important than ever to ensure we're mindful in our messaging. Building trust is now the most important thing you need to do to create influence, and more importantly, impact.

Through our work and our people here at five and dime, we believe in a more holistic and human approach to communications – improving the world around us by working with people like you to create better narratives and, as a result, better citizens.

We’re in business to help improve lives.
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