Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini

“My success should not be bestowed onto me alone,
as it was not individual success but success of a collective.”

The Taranaki Story deserves to be shaped by the collective power of the region and its people. If we can do that, it will be a story in which everyone recognises themselves. A story in which everyone wants to take part.


Harnessing our past and present to create a shared story of our future.

In the wake of the climate emergency, bold global emissions targets and Aotearoa’s commitment to redefining the way we measure our collective success, we’re faced with a challenge: how do we bring our people along the journey?

The Taranaki region is at a critical point in its story, as it transitions to the low-emissions, sustainable economy of the future.

The region’s dynamics are complex and deeply influential - factors like the country’s second highest GDP per capita, while also fluctuating rates of unemployment.

Despite this, Taranaki remains strong, resourceful, innovative and attractive.

Harnessing the region’s unique history, values, culture and successes, there’s an exciting opportunity to take a global view and act in a local and inclusive way.

There are positive stories to share already. View one of them.

Building the Taranaki Story

Let us ask ourselves why must we tell this story?

What’s the belief burning within us on which this story feeds? That’s the heart of the Taranaki Story.

Every good story has rudimentary mechanics that connects it with our collective hearts and minds. From storytelling masters, Disney’s Pixar through to the great Shakespeare, there are universal truths at play.

An Example: Deconstructing the New Zealand Story


Open Spaces, Open Hearts, Open Minds.

A hook.

A widely recognisable face.


Stories of our place from our people.


Isolated Location, Small Population.

A mission.

Making New Zealand Known for More Good Things.

So, what will Taranaki be known for?

The hero of our story is you, me and everyone who interacts with the Taranaki region. Today, and in ten years and fifty years from now.

It’s the job of the Taranaki Story to be the guide that leads you to travel, live, engage and do business with this beautiful region, so that collectively we prosper and grow.

Your Stewards on this Journey

Ramari Slattery
Stakeholder Engagement and Iwi Relations Lead. Ex-Head of Strategic Portfolios and Programmes at Auckland City Council
Shadoe Stone
Creative Director and Founder of Five and Dime
Claire Mance
Stakeholder Engagement Support, Project Lead and General Manager at Five and Dime
Steve Unwin
Director of Film/Video - Ex-Head of Media Productions at Weta Workshop
Campbell Hepburn
Talent Acquisition and Diversity Strategist
Simon Morton
Current Affairs Liaison, Storytelling Consultant and Ex-Producer and Host at Radio New Zealand
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