Shadoe Stone

Founder, Storyteller & fan of Avocados

Shadoe is passionate about capturing and spreading the small stories that have potential to create big impact in our world. Starting her career in graphic design and moving into marketing, communications and ultimately storytelling strategy, she's one to get excited about the little details - like a perfectly executed gif or a brand rep who knows exactly the right thing to say. Because with all this content, all the time, it's often the little details that are overlooked.

Claire Mance

Creative Producer

Claire is an organisational powerhouse, translating the ‘can you work your magic’ client requests into brand strategies, interactive stories, websites and everything in between. Born in Scotland, Claire currently lives on the Kāpiti Coast with her two fur babies (who have the ability to drag her down the beach). Aside from beach walks, Claire spends her Sunday evenings clearing emails and tying up loose ends to make sure we come out on top against the week ahead. She’s as meticulous as she is experienced at drinking gin & tonic. You bring the complex business problems, Claire will bring the strategic solution thinking (note, buzzwords exclusive).

Alice Cresswell

Chief Wordsmith

Alice is the perfect mix of get shit done and party. With a background in content strategy and digital marketing and a passion for writing, she uses her skills to spread the good word (words about things that are good, that is). 

Jenny Buckler

Social & Marketing Whizbang

Jenny is an all ‘round creative, and has been making impact through her social enterprise The Misprint Co. since 2014. At the helm of our social media engine, Jenny takes reach, impressions, engagement and conversions really really seriously. She’s also here for a good time and a long time, a rare combo indeed.

Here, she’s pictured wearing her “GDPR” hat. You can read about her thoughts on the subject in this post.

Adeline Ang

Graphic Designer

Adeline is possibly the sweetest human you’ll meet. Currently at Massey University, Adeline is a talented illustrator and junior graphic designer. Catch her at home in Churton Park with her cats, or helping us order the best Yum Cha choices at a local Chinese BYO spot.




Katherine Wolfe

Winter 2017


Ali Mowers

Spring 2016


Hannah Sadler

Winter 2016


Elyssa Herman

Summer 2015/16


Claire Stuart

Winter 2015

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