Wā collective
flooding the nation 



Local powerhouse and femmepreneur, Olie Body, came to us for help with her bloody big site launch. We had been following Wā Collective’s journey for a while and jumped at the opportunity to demenstruate our support.



What we did

Working closely with Olie and using her inclusive language, choosen specifically to break the period taboos (go girl!) and encourage laughter, we reached out across the media to coincide with International Women’s Day.




The results achieved bloody great, if we do say so ourselves. Wā Collective was featured on Stuff, Idealog and Scoop. Olie was also interviewed by Te Karere which was later featured on One News.

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 12.03.38 PM.png

We are so glad to have worked with Five + Dime for our social enterprise launch, March 2018. Our story was a bit tricky, as we were dealing with a taboo and presenting a seemingly complex array of angles and benefits that needed to be streamlined into one succinct message. Shadoe and the team navigated this seamlessly, angelling us perfectly for our audience and crafting our message to be just right. Five + Dime gained us the exposure we were after on a multitude of platforms, which has initiated thousands of conversations nationwide. We sung off the same song sheet, got the results and gained so many other insights into storytelling that we wouldn’t have otherwise. Thank you for everything!
— Olie Body, Founder & Executive Menstruator at Wā Collective