We don’t just talk the talk. F+D developed pique as a creative brand experience. Part mask, part scrub, and a whole lot of tough for pesky skin problems, pique targets the younger generation who care about what they put on their skin, and who are spoilt for product choice. As a result, the pique brand is designed to stand out with its bold colours and edgy tone of voice.

pique product.jpg

Product Development

We saw a gap in the market for natural, chemical free skincare that you wouldn’t just want to put on your face, you’d maybe want to spread on your toast, too. So we worked with Research and Development firm Callaghan Innovation to develop an effective acne solution that’s all natural, edible and made from uniquely New Zealand IP. Introducing pique, skincare that you actually want to put on your skin.



Brand identity is important for pique. Our target demographic is men and women who struggle to love their skin. They’re acne prone, those who struggle with eczema or even psoriasis sufferers. They’re frustrated and annoyed, so we have a very clear message: pique’s here, we’ll sort that for you. pique’s sassy (but still classy), and packs a huge punch.



punch your face banner.jpg

Social Media

We’ve identified our target demographic as those who like nice things. They’re conscious of aesthetics. They have out-there art prints hanging on their walls and they love beautiful, clean imagery that’s a little bit quirky at times. They’re constantly on Instagram so naturally, so are we! We’re harnessing the power of Influencer marketing by reaching out to bloggers and prominent Instagram figures as a means of not only generating content, but building brand awareness and engagement.