Getting Good
To Ghost



Ghost asked us to help them launch a sweet new two-wheeled electric offering into the New Zealand market. So we crafted a strong brand identity and put together an integrated marketing plan designed to grow brand awareness and produce sales. The target demographic was clear from the start - young tech-savvy New Zealanders who are early adopters of the latest technology. We’ve worked on everything from real world activation to influencer outreach to PR to retail marketing and anything in between. 

Branding Glass.png

Brand Strategy and Identity

From the moment we stepped on these boards, we knew that kids were going to love ‘em. So while the competition positioned their boards as transport devices, we carved a clear niche for Ghost’s brand to own the recreational space. The brand and name are a reflection of our vision to create a new tech sport offering: e-boarding. Brand voice is important to us - Ghost boards weren’t going to be “just another e-board.” We want our audience to feel at home with us, and our tongue-in-cheek tone does the trick.



We set out to build an army, and build an army we did. Through an intensive and high-energy integrated marketing campaign we assembled a unique group of six adventurers (out of over 250 hopefuls) and called them the #GhostCrew. They’re the brand ambassadors; and through them we’re making lasting emotional connections.


#Ghost Crew

We designed two unique and engaging posters in pursuit of the #GhostCrew. We strategically placed these in high-traffic locations throughout Auckland, Dunedin and Christchurch, resulting in an increase in brand trust and awareness. Digital advertising was implemented with video ads, display ads and remarketing display ads being utilised. We set out to engage an untapped market of diverse Kiwis - from thrill seekers to tech addicts and everything in between, and we did. Over the three week campaign an average of 500 unique visitors per day were successfully referred to the Ghost Boards website.

Ghost Boards are best when they’re moving so we’ve produced a number of high-quality videos flaunting the boards and their capabilities. Through not only showcasing the product but also those using it, viewers are able to identify with the product directly. Through creative and engaging video content we inspire our audience to create something while enjoying what’s essentially just a really fun and socially shareable electric toy.


We’ve helped the brand position themselves in what has been a turbulent landscape as a result of an international media frenzy. E-boards, the must-have Christmas gift of 2015, had been blowing up internationally (in some cases literally), and our challenge was to counter public misconception that the boards just aren’t safe. Through safety certification to New Zealand and Australian standards and communicating consistent and authentic messaging of a safe premium product (without being lame about it), we set the Ghost brand apart from the rest. We’re not just a design and marketing team. We’re brand enthusiasts, too.