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We teamed up with an experienced consultant who wanted to see her values, philosophy, and style, translated into a professional services brand. The brand was to steer clear of the traditional consulting domain, and reflect the founder’s innovative and collaborative vision for her services in strategic direction. We were able to offer the full Five + Dime package, from understanding the client and her values, to developing a brand, assets, collateral, and producing a website.


Brand Development

Having researched the competitive landscape, the desired positioning, and identifying potential brand values, we held a naming workshop. The result was bold and brave branding that clearly represented our clients values. Hello FrankAdvice.

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Photography & Illustration


Having cooked up a killer identity, we collaborated with illustrators and creatives to deliver the goods. The mission was to create a unique and eye-catching aesthetic that would stand out among competitors. The photography process involved creating moodboards and directing the photography composition, mood and overall style to reflect the unique brand identity we wanted to capture.


With the help of an illustrator, we were able to truly bring the brand to life. Through storyboards, we visually mapped the ins and outs of the brand story, before utilising animation to complete the visual identity. From start to finish, our art direction ensured the body and soul of the brand was expressed through captivating visuals.

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Assets & Collateral

We extended our art direction to the finer details: logos, fonts, branding guidelines, business cards, slideshow templates, social media graphics etc. On mass, these elements give FrankAdvice a distinct and consistent visual identity that echo the core values across various platforms.



Finally we created a digital home for FrankAdvice; a place to communicate the brands values, mission, and owner’s expertise. The focus here was on really nailing the tone of voice. Combining the “voice” and “look” meant the brand could take on an authentic and engaging identity.

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