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Woof woof

The team behind a new kind of charity for dogs, came to us with a vision ‘where every dog is treated with respect and care’. DOG (short for Dogs of the Globe) aims to sit above local animal rights organisations and raise money at a global level to fund existing projects for sterilisation, rehoming, vaccinations, rescue, education and lobbying. They wanted help creating a tone of voice that was truly unique so they could be heard at a global level.

Existing logo designed by Gusto Design (right)



Ruuuuff wroof woof

We wanted to know what made DOG different. So we enlisted the help of some trusty tools; the social lean canvas, a customer survey to help us understand DOGs customers and their point of view and a market scan of other charities that were barking up the right tree.




Through our Impact Kitty we were able to create:

  • A UVP (unique value proposition)

  • Brand pillars

  • Call to action

  • An elevator pitch

  • Social media descriptions

  • A social media campaign which illustrated the tone in context

  • A Messaging & Language glossary and tone of voice guide


UVP: Unique Value Proposition


Ruff ruff-woof. Ruff.

Eliminating dog suffering. For good.

Thank you for giving us a very good leg up and we feel we are now well on the journey to making a difference for these dogs of the globe!
— Leigh: Co founder of Dogs of the Globe