DOGS of the Globe:
tone of voice 

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Dogs of the Globe - Dog for short, came to us with a great vision ‘where every dog is treated with respect and care’, as well as a bold mission ‘to relieve dog suffering and influence significant change on a global scale’. They came to us for help in creating the perfect tone of voice which encapsulated their brand and mission.

Existing logo designed by Gusto (right)


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How we did this

In order to get a good grasp on what the charity DOG was about, we sat down with the founders to chat about how DOG came to be and to delve further into their mission and vision for their charity. Afterwards we went away and used the some of tools in our toolbox to nut out exactly what makes DOG different. Some of the tools we used were; the social lean canvas, a customer survey to help us understand DOGs customers and their point of view, and created a tone sliding scale, so we could get the right mix and feel for how our copy reflected the tone.



What we produced

  • A UVP (unique value proposition)
  • Brand pillars

  • Call to action

  • An elevator pitch

  • Social media descriptions

  • A social media campaign which illustrated the tone in context

  • As well as a Messaging & Language glossary of the words and phrases DOG would use a lot

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UVP: Unique Value Proposition


Eliminating dog suffering.
For good.



Thank you for giving us a very good leg up and we feel we are now well on the journey to making a difference for these dogs of the globe!
— Leigh: Co founder of Dogs of the Globe